Kratom Benefits: Pain Relief, Immunity Boost, and Relaxation

Kratom Benefits: Pain Relief, Immunity Boost, and Relaxation

Kratom benefits range from pain relief to increased energy. In fact, kratom is a complex herb that has had many uses in Southeast Asia. In Thailand, the fresh or dried leaves of the tropical kratom plant have traditionally been used as a remedy for fatigue, depression, and chronic pain. The benefits of kratom have been measured in recent studies, due to a rise in the plant’s popularity. Kratom’s benefits most often include pain relief, increased immunity, and relaxation.



Pain Relief

One of kratom’s oldest known uses is as a pain reliever. Now, there’s some scientific evidence showing why that might be the case. Multiple studies show that kratom has a pain relieving effect because it inhibits pain receptors. This is the biggest reason some say kratom benefits people who suffer from chronic pain. In fact, there are many success stories about people who use kratom to ease chronic pain caused by many things, from postpartum bone pain to Ehlers Danlos Syndrome.



Immunity Boost

The immune system also can benefit from kratom use. There’s evidence suggesting that kratom boosts the immune system by protecting against inflammation and stimulating tissue repair. This is mostly due to the high volume of antioxidants and alkaloids found in the plant. These antioxidants and alkaloids find and destroy free radicals that cause cell damage. Free radical cell damage can be related to signs of aging, as well as the development of cancerous cells.  



When taken in the right dosage, kratom benefits can also include increased relaxation. It’s been shown that kratom can reduce anxiety, particularly in people who suffer from addiction. Kratom can also help with depression, chronic stress, and mood swings. This may be due to the active agent called mitragynine that binds to opioid receptors in the brain, creating anti-anxiety effects. Research has suggested mitragynine can relieve anxiety and elevate mood. 


Additional Kratom Benefits 

There are even more benefits of kratom than just pain relief, increased immunity, and relaxation.  In fact, kratom has also been used to increase sexual endurance and treat opioid addiction. More research will be done to further reveal the benefits of kratom. Science is only now starting to catch onto this powerful plant.