The Top 5 Uses for Kratom

The Top 5 Uses for Kratom

Kratom seems like the newest trendy remedy, but did you know it’s been around for hundreds of years? In Southeast Asia, it’s been used to treat many different afflictions, but it’s only now becoming popular in North America and Europe. Some people are still unsure of the uses for kratom. While it can be used for quite a few things, there are some that are more common.  


Relieve Pain

Many people often use kratom for pain relief. One of the active agents in kratom inhibits pain receptors. This may help people with chronic pain the most, because it soothes nerves that are constantly receiving pain stimuli. For example, those who suffer from fibromyalgia may see some relief when using kratom to treat symptoms. For many, kratom is a healthy alternative to opioid treatments. 


Boost Immunity 

Kratom also can be used as an immunity booster. Some people may add kratom to smoothies or juices to amplify antioxidant benefits. The alkaloids and antioxidants found in kratom can help combat free radicals in the body. These free radicals have been associated with the growth and formation of cancerous cells. 


Boost Energy

Small doses of kratom can be used to get a jolt of energy. Similar to the effects of caffeine, kratom acts as a mild stimulant. Therefore, uses for kratom also include increased energy and fighting fatigue. Many have turned to kratom supplements instead of reaching for that late afternoon cup of coffee.

Reduce Anxiety and Depression

It may seem strange that kratom is both a stimulant and relaxant, but it all has to do with dosage. Taking a slightly larger dosage can result in relief from anxiety and depression. One of the active agents in kratom called mitragynine has been shown to reduce anxiety and elevate mood. In some cases, kratom has also been used to help with social anxiety. 

Treat Addiction

In some studies, kratom has been shown to help with addiction treatment. Studies have documented that kratom binds to opioid receptors and eases the symptoms of withdrawal. People who suffer from drug and alcohol addiction have seen success with using kratom. Addiction treatment researchers are currently conducting more studies on kratom to see how it can help fight addiction.

Additional Uses for Kratom

Kratom can help with other things besides pain, fatigue, immunity, anxiety, depression, and addiction. Additional uses include increasing sexual endurance and diabetes management. More of these benefits are being discovered as more research is done on kratom.